Spring Cleaning with Lean 101: Eliminate & Reduce Waste

Lean manufacturing helps businesses eliminate and reduce waste—and that can lead to new customers, enhanced brand loyalty, and increased profits. 

The Lean manufacturing approach identifies 7 forms of waste: overproduction, delay & wait time, inefficient or excessive transportation, overprocessing & complexity, excess inventory, wasted motion, and errors & defects.

Lean manufacturing helps you uncover waste that goes overlooked. From there, you can begin to implement Lean strategies to rectify pain points that are choking your team’s productivity and your company’s throughput.

  1. Eliminate non-value processes

Wasteful practices can be reduced or eliminated through Lean implementation. What’s a wasteful practice according to Lean principles? Any process or procedure, however minuscule, that does not directly add value to the customer is waste that is cutting into your profits. Lean aims to eliminate that waste.

  1. Faster lead times

Lean manufacturing principles will help you speed up production time and just-it-time (JIT) delivery. When you aren’t hindered by excessive inventory or unnecessary practices, it’s easier to stay nimble and speed up the process of delivering value to your customer.

  1. Quality improvement with Kanban processes

Lean manufacturing can help your team develop a Kanban system that eliminates waste and grants your team members the focus required to increase quality and mitigate deviations. Lean manufacturing is all about identifying & analyzing problems, creating innovative solutions, and empowering your team members to add value to the product. That makes lean manufacturing a win-win for employee engagement and customer satisfaction.

iMpact Utah can help you value stream map your processes and find waste where you may have missed it before. Lean 101 is a high-energy, engaging, one-day training that will prepare your team to optimize resources and enhance team efficiency. If you’re ready to give your company’s processes and operations a spring cleaning, iMpact Utah is ready to help.