Setting & Measuring Expectations – iMpact :30 Recap

In our very first installment of the iMpact :30 series, iMpact’s Managing Director Ryan Mecham shared key tips and strategies for setting and measuring expectations effectively.

Ryan pointed out that setting and measuring expectations is all about “maximizing results in a way that treats people well.” He emphasized that leaders don’t motivate people directly but rather create conditions for team members to motivate themselves.

After polling the viewers, Ryan observed that individual performance measures were less than that of company or department measures—and that this wasn’t entirely surprising. He explained that “a lot of the individual measures probably aren’t as much as we think. We don’t really know if what we do on a day-to-day basis actually ties into what happens on the company or department level.” To overcome this problem, Ryan went over the formula for setting clear, qualitative, and inspiring expectations that align with the overall company goals.

Watch webinar here: